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Jackson Miners Park Trailhead

46.4997, -87.6142

Location:  Jackson Miners Park, Negaunee @ West End of Main Street

Services:  Portapotty, parking, kiosks with map and stories.  Dining, shopping, lodging, fuel available in downtown Negaunee one block away

Miles to Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum:  3.5 miles

Open to: Asphalt trail is open to walkers, bikers, inline skaters
A separate trail (Snowmobile Trail #8) is open to ORV/snowmobile

Miles to Michigan Iron Industry Museum, Negaunee Township: 4.5 Miles

Open to:  Asphalt trail runs for approximately 2.5 miles and open to walkers, bikers, inline skaters
ORV trail ends at Negaunee Ice Arena .5 miles on separate trail
Snowmobilers allowed on last two miles of trail from December 1 to March 31.  They have parallel trail first 2.5 mile.

Highlights:  Downtown Negaunee, East Negaunee early mining sites and structures, Carp River crossing and wetlands, several interpretive signs, railroad crossing