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Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum Trailhead

46.4911, -87.6777

Location: Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum @ corner of Lakeshore Drive and Euclid Street in Ishpeming
*Note:  Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum is accessed through a spur trail along Lakeshore Drive

Services:  Parking, museum, restrooms (seasonal at museum), kiosk with map and stories. Restaurants shopping, fuel downtown Ishpeming .5 miles. Lodging nearby.

Miles to Republic:  21 miles

Open to:  Walkers, mountain bikers, bikers (some sections not upgraded so use County Roads as bypass), ORVS, equestrians, snowmobiles (December 1 to March 31)
*Note:  The ORV trail follows Snowmobile Trail #8 out of Ishpeming, along Washington Street and meets main trail at Winthrop Junction.

Miles to Jackson Miners Park in Negaunee:  3.5 miles

Open to:  Asphalt trail is open to walkers, bikers, inline skaters
A separate trail (Snowmobile Trail #8) is open to ORV/snowmobile.

Highlights:  Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum, downtown Ishpeming, several mine pits dating back to 1860’s, Brownstone Buildings, Jackson Mine Pit #1 (First mine of entire Lake Superior Region), Old Towne Negaunee, double jacking artwork, Compass artwork, many interpretive signs