Trailhead #8

Trailhead #8: Schwemwood Park

Schwemwood Park on Co. Rd. 492 Marquette Township


Miles to Trailhead #7: 4.7 miles

3.7 miles of trail will follow the Eagle Mills Grade to the west and is intended for non-motorized use during the warm weather months and is a State recognized snowmobile trail from December 1 to March 31. The last mile of trail prior to trailhead #7 will have a separate and parallel motorized and non-motorized trail.

Plans are to construct this portion of trail in 2012. Trail will be crushed gravel and/or limestone following the DSSA grade. This portion of trail will run parallel to an operating railroad grade, past an old quarry, up over some rock, ledged along a railroad grade, and through an industrial area. Wildlife viewing and fishing access will be available.

Miles to Trailhead # 9: 3 miles

This portion of the trail will running east will be paved and is intended for non-motorized users during the warm weather months. Approximately 2 miles of the trail is a State designated snowmobile trail from December 1 to March 31. From the MDOT bridge into Marquette is paved and non-motorized all year. This portion of the trail runs past retail and dining areas along US. 41 in Marquette Township and then runs into downtown Marquette with many services available.

Plans are to pave 2 miles of trail along the DSSA grade, over the MDOT bridge at the Holiday Inn in 2012. The last mile in Marquette is the Marquette City Bike Path that is currently paved.