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Marquette Commons Trailhead

46.5425, -87.3958

Location: Marquette Commons, 112 S. Third Street, Marquette

Services: Parking, restrooms, kiosk with a trail map and stories.

Miles to Trailhead Shwemwood Park: 3 miles

From Marquette Commons to Shwemwood Park Open to: Walkers, bikers, and incline skaters

Highlights: Downtown Marquette offers a historic downtown with a general store, food co-op, many unique shops, restaurants, museums, lodging, brewpubs, and bike shops.

Miles to Welcome Center: 3.5 miles

From Marquette commons to Welcome Center Open to: Walkers, bikers, and inline skaters

*Note: Last mile from Carp River Bridge to Welcome Center is open to snowmobiles December 1 through March 31

Highlights: This section hugs the Lake Superior shoreline with magnificent views. Watch rowers, sail boats, paddle boarders, kayakers, fishing boat, and ore carriers plus a parade of water birds.

The Lower Harbor Ore Dock is one of the most iconic images of the iron industry, stretching 1,000 feet into the lake, 150 feet high, with 150 pockets for loading ore onto carriers.

Further Down the shore, you will find South Beach, a popular swimming spot. Mouth of Carp River is a popular fishing spot