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2021 Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant Applications

February 22, 2021

2021 Michigan Natural Resources Acquisition Grant

The Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority proposes to purchase 173 acres of property in Negaunee and Marquette Townships.  The land is owned by descendants of William Koski who purchased the property in the 1940’s for recreation land. The family wants to keep the property open for recreation to remain true to William Koski. With the IOHRA purchasing the property with the use of Michigan Trust fund Grant dollars, the property would move into the publics’ hands into perpetuity. The current owners are willing sellers and would donate the 25% match for the grant through the donation of 25% of the land value.

The IOHT abuts this property at the LS&I overpass. The land is surrounded by new subdivisions:  Northwoods Lane, Bishop Woods, Legacy Hills, and more.  Our goal would be to use the land for additional non-motorized, single track trails off of our main trail with the possibility for hunting and fishing.  The Bishop Creek runs through the property and white tail deer and ruffed grouse are in the area.  It would open up some beautiful vistas of Lake Superior plus has streams, ponds, rocky outcrops, and grassy areas. It is a beautiful piece of property that would open up recreation near a large population center. It would also help separate trail users along this section and start us on the path of a parallel trail for non-motorized winter use including snowbiking, snowshoes, winter hiking.  The main IOHT in this area is groomed for snowmobiling December 1 – March 31 and experiences high snowmobile usage during these months.  Of course, we would continue our educational component with interpretive signage educating about the property’s history and the flora and fauna of the area.

tf21-0070 plat map

Read the story on the background of this property and the love story of William and Esther Koski here:  Schwemin, Carol and Britton, Joyce Property

If you have input on this possible purchase, please contact the Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Athority at 906-235-2923  or email


2021 Michigan Natural Resources Development Grant

In 2012, the IOHT built the Negaunee to Marquette 12-mile connecting piece.  The trail heading east out of the City of Negaunee runs through previous mining property and descends down into a marshland.  The trail narrows in this area with wetlands on both sides of the trail, the west side owned by a private property owner with fencing and the east side owned by the IOHRA.  We proposed to bypass this 200-foot section where motorized users encounter non-motorized users through the use of an asphalt/boardwalk bypass through the marshlands, while offering a scenie viewing area of the marshlands within the boardwalk, adding intepretive signage and seating areas.  The marshlands teem with birds through the warm weather months and will not only provide a safer trail at a pinch point with hills and curves, but allow an educational opportunity to talk about the importance of wetlands and what they offer to the public. A rough sketch is provided below:


If you would like to provide comment, please contact IOHRA at 906-235-2923 or email at