2021 ongoing projects

The weather shelters/fishing pier projects are finalized and are a “must see”.  Beautiful timbered structures in a marsh setting make the Carp River weather shelter (in Negaunee) a stunning place to settle in for awhile.  Listen to the birds, including heron, American bittern, warblers, Eastern kingbird, alder flycather, chickadees, red-eyed vireo, black winged blackbirds, and more.  Fish in the Carp River for brookies using our new accessible fishing piers. 

Down the trail eastward in Negaunee Township, duck into our other weather shelter and take our new steps down to the PIne Hill Pond. A beautiful setting with big greenstone bluffs, bald eagles flying overhead, and maybe an LS&I train rumbling adjacent with their tons of iron ore pellets.

Republic redo project is also finished with new culverts, widened trail and new aggregate.

ORV Trail Gravel and grading ongoing while new Negaunee Township trailhead bid documents are in DNR review.