Trailhead #1

Trailhead #1 Republic

Downtown Republic Old Bank Building

Services in downtown Republic include parking, dining, shopping, fuel, and restroom facilities.

Miles to Trailhead #2: 9 miles

The trail from Trailhead #1 to Trailhead #2 will be a multi-use year round trail, meaning motorized and non-motorized will share the corridor year round. This section is not yet surfaced or upgraded but is usable for ATV’s, walkers, horses, and fat tire bikes in the summer months. It is a State recognized snowmobile trail from December 1 to March 31. This portion of the trail follows the LS&I Railroad grade to Humboldt at the corner of M95 and US 41 (Trailhead #2).

Plans include upgrading in 2014 or later.